Mardyanto Wahyu Tryatmoko


The special autonomy status, which is given to Aceh, Papua, Jakarta, and Yogyakarta
has not resulted ina better decentralization implementation. Disputable design of
special autonomy and lack of capacity of local government have caused significant
problemon local democratization, especially in Aceh and Papua. This paper arguesthat
local democratization problem existsbecause institutional design of local politics is
determined by the central governmentrather than builtas a response to local needs. The
political-economy discrimination in Aceh and Papua, for instance, are likely caused
by incompatibility between the roleof province as principal point of special autonomy
and the direct local-head elections. Meanwhile, democratic label which is attached to
province autonomy could not assure political participation and deliberation of local
institutions to the lowest level of government. In this case, political decisions are
potentially controlled only by a certain group of political elites at the provincial level.
Keywords: special autonomy status, Aceh, Papua, local institutions

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